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Elite Acoustics A4-8-CFB

Elite Acoustics' A4-8 Live-Performance Mini-PA features 4 input channels and 16 integrated Digital Effects and combines amp and mixer. The efficient Class D bi-amp is driving an 8 inch woofer and 1 inch silk-dome tweeter to deliver maximum clarity. The cabinet is constructed with MDF for high fidelity sound. A4-8 can also be powered and charged from a car (charger included) and once fully charged, the speaker can provide over 10 hours of playing time.

Elite Acoustics A4-8-CFB

portable, battery-operated Mini-PA Speaker
Acoustic Guitar Amp
All in one solution (Amp & Mixer)
48V Phantompower
4 channel inputs with 16 effects
Up to 8 hours of play time (fully charged)
Audio streaming via Bluetooth
USB charging port
Shielding eliminates HR interferences
Powering and and charging from the car
integrated 35mm pole-receptacle
Monitor output (Direct Out) for additional active speakers

Elite Acoustics A4-8-CFB


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