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Elite Acoustics A1-4-CFB

Elite Acoustics´s A1-4 compact, portable rechargable Mini-PA features 3 channel input with 16 effects. A 4 inch woofer paired with a 1 inch tweeter provides maximum clarity. The cabinet is constructed with MDF for high fidelity sound. The Class D bi-amped speaker can also be powered and charged from the car – the charger is included. Once fully charged, the speaker can get over 15 hours of play time.

Elite Acoustics A1-4-CFB

portable, battery-operated Mini-PA Speaker
Acoustic Guitar Amp
3 channel inputs with 16 effects
Up to 15 hours of play time (fully charged)
Audio streaming via Bluetooth
USB charging port
shielding eliminates HR interferences
Powering and and charging from the car
integrated 35mm pole-receptacle

Elite Acoustics A1-4-CFB

Elite Acoustics A1-4-CFB


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