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Elektron ESI Analog Four

The Elektron Analog Four is a welcome addition to any modern production studio. Elektron engineered this 4-voice powerhouse with a punchy and organic-sounding fully analog signal path, and precise digital technology for components such as the envelopes and LFOs - the best of both worlds. Making the most of Analog Four's sound engine is a breeze, since Elektron has completely filled the front panel with hands-on control. Analog Four also has a powerful step sequencer that can even breath new life into your old analog gear, thanks to control voltage connectivity. If you've been waiting for the classic combination of a 4-voice analog synth and sequencer, wait no longer: the Elektron Analog Four is here.

Elektron ESI Analog Four

• 4 synth voices.
• 2 Analog oscillators per voice.
• 2 Analog filters per voice.
• 1 Analog overdrive circuit per voice.
• Multiple LFOs and envelopes per voice.
• Elektron step sequencer with parameter locks.
• Kit and Sound storage.
• All new hi-quality effects.
• 2x dual CV/Gate outputs.
• Dedicated CV/Gate and FX sequencer tracks.
• MIDI IN/THRU/OUT with DIN sync out.
• 2x External inputs.
• 2x Main outputs.
• 1x Headphones output.

Elektron ESI Analog Four

Elektron ESI Analog Four


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