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Eich Amps DBC400R Drum Chair

All drummers, bassists, keyboardists and music lovers who work with the "in-ear system" know the problem: not enough low end, missing sub-bass and the resulting lack of control.
The DBC400R is the ideal subwoofer seat for stage, studio, rehearsal room or at home. a TS300 transducer pushes the bass into your body. A great experience that many professionals no longer want to do without. Nowhere is the feeling for music transmitted more intensely. Thanks to the additional adjustable "phone" output and the vibration-free mounting of the seat, you can still enjoy music or practice late at night without disturbing anyone.

The DBC400R can be connected to the specially developed TX300. In this combination you get a self-sufficient system that adapts to all circumstances. Another possibility is the connection to an amplifier at the loudspeaker output. (available from May 2021)

Have a Seat!


• Unique "low end" feeling
• No hearing impairment
• No background noise
• Excellent transient response
• High dynamic reserves
• »Phone Out«
• Extremely flexible applications
• Including K&M Hardware

Eich Amps DBC400R Drum Chair

• Model: DBC400R
• Input: 1x Neutrik Speakon-Combo- Socket Typ NLJ 2 MD-V
• Power handling: 300 Watt/ 4 Ohm
• Headphone output: 3,5mm Stereo Klinke
• Headphone impedanz: 16-120 ohms x2
• Dimensions: (h x d): 54- 74 x 40 cm / 21,26- 29,13” x 15,74”
• Weight: 9,0 Kg / 19,80 lb

Eich Amps DBC400R Drum Chair

Eich Amps DBC400R Drum Chair


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