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EBS Red Twister GE Guitar Edition

The EBS Red Twister is a studio quality analog Chorus and Flange effect for guitar with stereo output and true bypass. The internal fine-tuning option to change the Effect mix can be used to blend in the effect with the original tone.

EBS Red Twister GE Guitar Edition

• Optimized for use with guitar.
• Stereo/mono output
• 100% Analog design.
• 2 different Chorus modes. 1 Flanger mode.
• Extended options inside to change the level of Effect mixed with original tone.
• Excellent full range frequency response with no roll-offs.
• Studio sound quality with a character that reveals the tone of the instrument.
• Handling 9 to 12V DC power with protection against accidental over voltage.
• Signal relays switching technique for extremely low mechanical noise and long life span.
• True bypass.

EBS Red Twister GE Guitar Edition

EBS Red Twister GE Guitar Edition


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