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EBS Patch Cable 18 Centimeter

The original flat patch cables from EBS are tailored to make possible to reduce space on your pedalboard, while maintaining the flexibility of using cables. The flat design also reduce the risk of cable jams, and keep your setup neat and clean. The latest update include a reinforced cable housing that improve durability.
Made in Sweden

EBS Patch Cable 18 Centimeter

• Conductor: Flexible copper conductor low voltage audio signal system
• Operating Temperature: -15ºC to +70°C
• Outer Insulation: PVC (Polyvinyl Chloride)
• Signal Copper Cores: 20 x 0,12mm
• Signal Insulation: PE (polyethylene)
• Copper Twisted Shield: 38 x 0,12mm
• Capacitance Cond./Shield: < 10 pF/decimeters
• Conductor Resistance: < 10 mOhm/decimeters
• Dimensions: 6 x 3 mm (rectangular cable) 30,0 x 13,0 x 6,0 mm (contact house)
• Connectors: ¼” 90 degrees angled audio plug

EBS Patch Cable 18 Centimeter

Prima kabel. Neemt niet veel ruimte in.
De platte contacten zijn zeer praktisch.

EBS Patch Cable 18 Centimeter


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