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EBS MultiDrive SE

Spice your sound! Multidrive is considered an overdrive, rather than a distortion pedal. The mode switch selects Tubeism, Standard or Flat overdrive sounds. All with a conserved pedal bottom have gone through unattended and solid low frequencies. With the guitar, it offers a slightly subdued bluesy tone, with lots of support and body. This is the pedal to enrich your support! Evolution. Multidrive was first introduced in 2001. The 2008 edition enhancements have added 3 dB higher, higher sensitivity and new analog circuits with higher dynamics and lower noise, as well as adhesive switching technique. The latest Studio edition, introduced in 2015, comes with a completely new design, an optimized signal path, a signal relay switching technique, a surge protection up to 18V and the possibility to operate the pedal completely from 9- 12V DC.

EBS MultiDrive SE

EBS MultiDrive SE


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