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Dynacord CMS600-3

Thanks to its impressive feature set and versatility, the cms 600-3 mixer is the ideal choice for all professional applications in which few channels, yet high audio quality, are required. Being light and compact, it poses no transport problems. The cms 600-3 mixer is also a great solution in many fixed installation applications. Performance without compromise. The pro audio mixer amongst mixers. Unique. Cms 600-3.

In the mixer section, a total of 8 channel strips are available: 4 mic / line channels, 2 mic / stereo usb channels ('super channels') and 2 stereo line channels. The mic / line channels offer extremely low-noise and low-hum electronically balanced xlr microphone inputs with an extremely low distortion factor (typ. 0.002%) for the connection of low-impedance microphones. For condenser microphones, phantom power (+48 volts) is centrally switchable. The line inputs are also electronically balanced and implemented as trs sockets. In addition to a gain control, a highly efficient 3-band equalizer, fx send, aux send and a monitor send as well as either panorama or balance controls are available. The four mic / line channels provide a switchable 80hz lo-cut filter to cut-off unwanted rumble, whilst the super channels 5-6 and 7-8 are supplied by the usb stereo inserts 1-2 and 3-4.

The stereo-line channels (9-10 and 11-12) offer electronically balanced trs inputs for the connection of electronic instruments such as keyboards, drum-computers, guitars and basses with active electronics, as well as all other high-level stereo signal sources such as additional mixers, effects devices etc. Cd or mp3 players can be connected to the additional cinch (rca) inputs cd 1-2 and cd 3-4, which are switched in parallel. The tone controls and sends are identical to those of the mic / line channels.

All input channels, provide a signal / peak led to assist level control. The sig led illuminates at around -30 db and the pk led at 6db beneath the distortion threshold. A mute button and a pfl button (in channels 5-12 in stereo) are further features found in all input channels.

Dynacord CMS600-3

First-class components
• faders and potentiometers from ALPS

• an intuitive, user-friendly mixer section
• two editable digital effects devices – each with 100 presets and 20 user memories
• a professional 4xIN / 4xOUT digital interface (USB) to connect a PC or Mac
• a stereo equalizer for the main mix
• a large, contrast-rich OLED display

8 channel strips comprising
• 4 mic/line input channels
• 2 mic/stereo USB ("super") channels
• 2 stereo line channels
• auxiliarys (AUX, MON) Pre/Post switchable, Pre

• dimensions (W x H x D), mm 416.9 x 109.6 x 347.8
• optional Accessories RMK-600-3 (Rack Mount Kit for CMS 600-3)
• optional Accessories FS 11 (Footswitch with LED)
• optional Accessories Carrying Bag for CMS 600-3

Dynacord CMS600-3

Dynacord CMS600-3


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