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DV Mark Maragold

The Maragold sounds were created to suit the tastes and needs of our top-artist Greg Howe. To best achieve this, Greg visited our company several times working hand in hand with Marco De Virgiliis and the DV Mark team. The result is an amazing two channel 40W all-tube head with a clean and pure tone on channel one and mild to heavy distortion on channel two, while retaining note definition and punch. A great choice for every guitarists!!!

DV Mark Maragold

Power output: 40W
Preamp tubes: 3 x ECC83
Power tubes: 2 x EL34, 1 x ECC83
Channels: two
Controls (each ch): Gain - Master
Controls (common): Presence
EQ Controls (each ch): Bass - Mid - High

Speaker outputs:
> one 4 ohm
> one 8 ohm
> one 16 ohm

Other features:
Footswitch input for channels switch and send/return loop ON/OFF*
* Reccomended footswitch (not included):

Dimensions (W/H/D): 18.30" / 46.5cm | 8.3" / 20.5cm | 10.35" / 26.3cm
Weight: 27.11 lbs / 12.3 Kg

DV Mark Maragold

DV Mark Maragold


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