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Drumsville SD1450E Ash

o you want your new snare to be not only great sounding but also original and good looking? That's where you go to Drumsville. The 'stave drums' from Drumsville are hand-built, made from several pieces, the staves. With perfect angled milling the perfect round shell arises. The special glued joints assure a sustainable shape. This is different from the building techniques of most other drum builders.

In stave drums there is no internal tension and less use of glue. The wood gets more freedom to resonate and produce a natural wood sound. An additional benefit of stave drums is the options to combine several woods in a creative and way.

Drumsville SD1450E Ash

• Ash
• 14"x5"
• Thickness 9mm
• Hoops:2,3mm
• Bearing edge: Round over
• Tube Lugs
• Trick multi step strainer
• Puresound custom pro 20strand

Drumsville SD1450E Ash

Drumsville SD1450E Ash


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