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DiMarzio DP159FBK Evolution Bridge Black

The Evolution® Neck and Bridge humbuckers are the result of two years of research to come up with the right sound for a very demanding player: Steve Vai and his Ibanez® Jems. Both pickups are designed for maximum impact and power. The neck pickup is fat, punchy and loud. The bridge pickup is tight, aggressive and louder. Both pickups have our patented dual-resonance configuration to reproduce more harmonic overtones than conventional humbuckers. Evolution® pickups are not polite-sounding, and they’re not for the inexperienced, but – if you’ve got the chops and a hot amp – your sound will burn. The Evolution® pickups were originally designed with live gigs in mind, but they have so much presence and definition that they’re great recording pickups, too; they slice right through even the densest mix. F-Spaced version.

DiMarzio DP159FBK Evolution Bridge Black

DiMarzio DP159FBK Evolution Bridge Black

Unknown user
Heb de pickups in mijn Ibanez elec. gitaar laten installeren. Deze klinkt nu geweldig. Een echte aanrader!!!! Jarmo L.

DiMarzio DP159FBK Evolution Bridge Black


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