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Diamond Halo Chorus

The Halo Chorus is a combination delay/pitch modulation/phase modulation chorus design with autoconfigurable I/O for mono, mono in/stereo out, and stereo in/stereo out operation.
The combination of pitch and phase modulation can be used together or individually for traditional chorus sounds or unique, spatial tones.

Diamond Halo Chorus

• parallel combination of delay / pitch modulation and phase modulation gives versatile control over modulation effects from light chorusing to deep ‘vibey’ swirl

• stereo operation gives wide stereo image spread while preserving the original guitar tone

• NOS MN3007 analog bucket brigade chip running at 15V rails for extended headroom

• dual opto ‘vibe’ phase modulation path also running at 15V rails

• all analog circuitry

• autoconfigures for mono, mono in / stereo out, and stereo in / stereo out operation
• pure sinusoidal LFO using a dedicated function generator IC for smooth modulation with variable ‘SPEED’ and chorus pitch modulation depth ‘CH DEPTH’

• ‘CH MIX’ and ‘PM MIX’ controls allows independent control of chorus and phase modulation mix levels in both mono and stereo configurations

• kill-dry switch for parallel FX loop operation or use of chorus path for pure vibrato

• mono input signal passed through to both outputs on bypass
• phase switch to invert phase of right channel output relative to left

• LED indication of LFO speed

• expression pedal control of LFO speed
• same Vishay JFET / audiophile BurrBrown opamp signal path as in Memory Lane delay

• telecom grade relay switched true bypass operation on all inputs and outputs

• internally regulated to 15V, can be run from provided 24V adapter or from 18V pedal board power supply outputs (including Y-cable powering from 2 9V outputs on the Voodoo Labs Pedal Power 2 Plus, Burkey Flatliner or other compatible power supply)

• genuine Hammond cast aluminium 4.7 x 4.7 x 1.0 inch case

Diamond Halo Chorus

Diamond Halo Chorus