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Denon DJ DN-B01BK

The Denon DN-B01 BK Mixing Bag is the ideal DJ bag to transport 2 DN-S1200/ 1000 CD-Player and a DN-X120 Mixer.
This tight and nevertheless very solid transport bag is coming from the holly halls of the Zomo producers and guarantees durable quality, a sleek design
And perfect functionality.
Besides the Denon Players there can be additionally stored 20 CDs, some cables and utilities in the outside pocket. The extra thick and resitant padding protects the players against damage and dust, the zipper which can be locked, against unauthorized access. Net- and audio cables can run through a cable channel into a outside cable pocket.
There the cables can be stored for the transport and the wiring can be done very easy and comfortable.

Denon DJ DN-B01BK

• easy cabling and extra outside pocket
• fits for: 2 x Denon DN-S1200 / DN-S1000 and 1 x Denon DN-X120
• 2 removable LED lights
• ergonomic shoulder strap
• Dimensions: 720 (B) x 170 (H) x 420 (T) mm
• Colour: black
• Weight: 4,65kg

Denon DJ DN-B01BK