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dB technologies SUB 915

Designed for ground stacked applications, SUB 900 is the perfect choice whenever a powerful lower extension is required.
SUB 915 is equipped with a single premium 15" woofer housed in a bass-reflex design. 
A 900 W RMS Class D Digipro G3 power amplifier ensures advanced efficiency as well as forcible sound pressure levels 
SUB 915 is enabled for real time monitoring and remote control via RDNet protocol and Aurora Net software (Windows and Mac), allowing advanced subwoofer configurations alongside with perfect low-end matches with dBTechnologies’ full-range systems enabled to RDNet communications.
Both models of the family also feature on-board controls for attenuation, a polarity switch and DSP controls for a delay up to 4.5 milliseconds with 0.5 milliseconds steps (while a maximum 21 ms delay is allowed via Aurora Net). A second rotary allows to set crossover frequency from 70 to 110 Hz.
The robust plywood cabinet encases high-end performances in limited weight (34.8 kg) and features 2 integrated handles on the top edges, while the back side is equipped with wheels mounting for smooth transportation.
What is more, being designed for both vertical or horizontal use, 2 M20 mounts on the top and side panels permits any type of full-range speaker led using a standard M20 threaded pole.

dB technologies SUB 915

Technical Data
• Speaker Type: Active Subwoofer

Acoustical data
• Frequency Response [-10dB]: 42 to cut frequency (Xover dependent)
• Max SPL (1 m): 133 dB
• LF: 15"
• LF Voice Coil: 4”

• Amp Technology: Digipro G3
• Amp Class: Class D
• Peak Power: 1800 W

• Controller: 28/56 bit DSP
• AD/DA Converter: 24 bit/48 Hz
• Limiter: Peak, Thermal, RMS
• Crossover Frequency: Variable (70Hz - 80Hz - 90 Hz - 100Hz - 110 Hz)
• Controls: 1x Subwoofer Atteniation Control, 1x Delay Rotary, 1x Xover Rotary, 1x Polarity Switch

• Signal Input: 1x XLR female, 1x USB (data service)
• Signal Output: 2x XLR male

• Housing: Plywood
• Handles: 2 (1x side)
• Pole Mount: 2x M20 (1 on top + 1 on side)
• Width: 620 mm (24.4 in)
• Height: 457 mm (17.9 in)
• Depth: 620 mm (24.4 in)
• Weight: 34.8 kg (76.7 lbs)

dB technologies SUB 915


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