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Dateq SPL-5 TS

In live situations, the SPL5 can be used to monitor the sound pressure. If necessary, the SPL5 can switch off the mains voltage of the stage equipment. The band can be warned in advance by means of a lamp. In a non-live situation, so the music is played over the connected PA system, the SPL5 is connected between the mixer and the power amplifiers. The measured microphone level is used to determine the output attenuation. A new feature of the SPL5 is the ability to store sound pressure information in internal memory. The data is stored for a period of two months. The SPL5 is therefore besides a limiter also a decibel logger. The data can be read from the limiter using the PC software. The limiter is configured with the same software. Before it is possible to make changes to the system, the software must be registered. This makes it impossible for unauthorized persons to modify the system. With this software it is also possible to control and read the limiter over a computer network, and over the Internet!

Dateq SPL-5 TS

Dateq SPL-5 TS

Dateq SPL-5 TS


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