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Dateq SPL-2 MKII

The SPL2 is the standard version of our sound pressure limiter. It offers the solution to most of your sound problems. This limiter is seen by more and more agencies as the best in its class. The microcontroller in the limiter continuously measures the input signal and attenuates the output as much as necessary to keep the maximum sound pressure below a preset value. Since the SPL limiters are not peak limiters, the dynamics of the music are not affected. Both the input sensitivity (threshold) and the output attenuation (output level) can be set on the SPL2. All connectors and controllers can be sealed after installation so that they cannot be retrofitted. The SPL2TS has a built-in clock. This makes it possible to set different sound pressure levels per part of the day. The built-in calendar supports up to 10 dates on which the limiter works in "bypass" mode. All these settings can be set using the PC software.

Dateq SPL-2 MKII

Dateq SPL-2 MKII


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