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Cort Earth 50 Easy Play

The latest addition to Cort’s EasyPlay Collection, the Earth50 has a smaller body size, shortened scale and light-gauge coated strings to help players on their journey. Earth50 is specially designed for novices, but with pro-level features and quality materials for an authentic playing experience.

7/8 DREADNOUGHT & 628mm (24.75”) SCALE
The smaller body size and shorter scale length make the guitar sit more comfortably against your body and facilitates easier playing for personal physiques that are smaller like those of female players and children.

Spruce provides an ideal balance between strength and flexibility, hence its overwhelming popularity as the wood of choice for tops of acoustic guitars. Spruce’s versatile sonic character makes it ideal for a variety of musical genres and playing styles.

Bright yet natural with a strong and warm midrange, the beloved mahogany wood has been a standard for back and sides on premium acoustics for many decades.

The exclusive scooped surface bridge from Cort enhances sustain with greater string angle from the saddle to the body while reducing tension on the strings across the neck were less finger fatigue and improved playability.

The lighter gauge strings make chording and single-note playing easier on your fingertips and hands – especially for beginners and intermediate young players whose hands haven’t developed fully. The coated strings would resist dirt and sweat more effectively, keeping the strings feeling and sounding fresh for extended playing sessions.

Cort Earth 50 Easy Play

• Construction: Dovetail Neck Joint
• Body: 7/8 Dreadnought Body
• Nut Width: 43mm (1 11/16")
• Top: Solid Spruce Top
• Back & Sides: Mahogany
• Fretboard: Ovangkol
• Scale: 628mm (24.75")
• Tuners: Die-Cast
• Rosette: Brown Etched
• Bridge: Ovangkol
• Strings: Light Gauge Coated String
• Bracing: Scalloped Traditional X-Bracing

Cort Earth 50 Easy Play

Cort Earth 50 Easy Play


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