Chameleon Labs 7802 Tube compressor

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Chameleon Labs 7802 Tube compressor

The Chameleon Labs 7802 offers simple controls and a tube stage for adding harmonic color to a track.

Chameleon Labs’ 7802 stereo opto tube compressor offers a feedback design based on a Perkin Elmer VTL5C2 LED/LDR Vactrol gain-changing element. There are two elements per channel: one in the audio path and the other in the meter circuit. A 12AX7 tube gain stage is used for adding harmonic distortion. A fully regulated, linear internal power supply provides all voltages, including high voltage for the tube. Two sets of front panel controls allow dual-mono or stereo-linked operation.

The unit’s attack, release and ratio controls are simplified. Attack and release time settings are folded into a single five-position switch. Attack times are 10/22/32/47/70 ms; release times are program-dependent — about 50/250/400/600/800 ms. The compression ratio is selectable at 2:1 or 4:1 via a toggle switch, while the Compression control sets the squash threshold. A switchable sidechain highpass filter has a 6dB/octave roll-off starting at 90 Hz.

Throughput gain is controlled by Drive and Output. Drive sets the level to the 12AX7; more Drive provides increased saturation and harmonic richness, while Output sets the final level. A green LED shows input signal presence; a red LED indicates input clipping. Each channel also has a small gain-reduction VU meter; there’s no switching available to measure input or output level. Bypass is hard-wired through a relay.

Chameleon Labs 7802 Tube compressor

Chameleon Labs 7802 Tube compressor

Chameleon Labs 7802 Tube compressor


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