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Cascha HH2145

The Cascha Kalimba is made of high-quality mahogany wood. This ensures a particularly full sound and a long durability. It is very light and can be stored quickly and easily in the supplied bag. Therefore it is the ideal travel instrument. The Kalimba set contains many accessories, including a case, a padded carrying bag with shoulder strap, a cleaning cloth, a tuning hammer, key stickers and two thumb caps. The high-quality metal keys are tuned in C major. They sound particularly clear and warm. This makes playing fun right from the start!

Cascha HH2145

• Kalimba (thumb piano) with accessories
• Number of keys: 17
• Wood: Mahogany
• Tuning: C major
• Incl. case
• Incl. padded carrying bag
• Incl. cleaning cloth
• Incl. tuning hammer
• Incl. key stickers
• Incl. thumb caps

Cascha HH2145


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