Cameo IODA 1000 RGB

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Cameo IODA 1000 RGB

With a strong output of 1,000 mW and red, green and blue color mixes the IODA 1000 RGB features diode and DPSS lasers with 3 mm beam diameters and a maximum divergence of 1.5 mrad only.The red 638 nm diode achieves a significantly better visibility than a conventional 650 nm diode and makes the IODA 1000 RGB the ideal choice for highly professional laser shows.

With analog modulation for up to 16 million color hues the Ioda Series professional show lasers generate stunning graphics projections with razor-sharp beams. Their dust proof dual layer aluminium enclosures separate the optical components from the power supply and fan to ensure maximum performance while minimizing maintenance. All Ioda laser lights sport high speed 30 Kpps scanners @ 8 degrees ILDA, a 60° scan angle and 128 impressive pattern presets. They provide an ILDA interface on 25-pin D-sub connectors for computer control, DMX control in 4-channel and 11-channel modes and a built-in microphone with adjustable sensitivity for sound control. They are also capable of master, slave and standalone operation, and the low noise fan keeps the compact units cool and quiet. They feature 3-pin DMX connectors, Neutrik powerCON mains inputs and outputs plus a key switch to prevent unauthorized use. For audience safety Ioda laser lights are equipped with a "Scan Fail Safety" system.

Note: Sharing identical presets, the Ioda lasers are compatible with the Luke series for master and slave operation. With switchable inversion, the master and slave combo is capable of producing the most interesting and impressive laser show effects.

Cameo IODA 1000 RGB

• Professional laser show light
• Dust proof aluminium enclosure for minimum maintenance
• High speed high performance 30 Kpps galvo scanners @ 8° ILDA
• 128 pattern presets
• Analog modulation for up to 16 million color hues
• Precision beams with minimum divergence for razor-sharp projections
• ILDA, DMX and sound control plus auto function
• Master, slave and standalone modes
• Display with 4 function keys for easy manual operation
• Scan Fail Safety system
• Neutrik powerCON mains inputs and outputs
• Low noise fan for quiet and cool operation

Cameo IODA 1000 RGB


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