Boston BGP-60 - Guitar Polish tuning machine
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Boston BGP-60 - Guitar Polish

Guitar polish cleaner in spray bottle, 50ml

Boston Guitar Polish recovers and hightlights your guitar's gloss. An instrument needs to shine just as much as its player. Fingerprints and smudges vanish like frost under the morning sun when using Boston Guitar Polish and your guitar's original gloss will return.

Boston Guitar Polish comes in a handy little spray bottle. After spraying the polish on the guitar's laquer use a microfiber cloth (e.g. Boston BPC-3030) to clean and polish your guitar and your instrument will appear brand new.

Boston guitar polish can also be used on varnished bassguitars and ukuleles.

Boston BGP-60 - Guitar Polish

Boston BGP-60 - Guitar Polish

Boston BGP-60 - Guitar Polish


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