Bose L1 model 1S Cylindrical Radiator

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Bose L1 model 1S Cylindrical Radiator

the Bose L1 Model 1S Cylindrical Radiator Loudspeaker is part of the L1 Model System which replaces conventional monitor, mixer and PA speaker set-ups with a compact and easy to transport set-up with a host of input and output options. The 12 speaker articulated line array delivers 180 degree horizontal sound coverage. The L1 Radiators produce a consistent and tonal balance with little volume drop off over distance.

Bose L1 model 1S Cylindrical Radiator

• Top radiator:
Height: 111cm
Width: 9cm
Depth: 10.5cm
Weight: 7.4 kg

• Bottom radiator:
Height: 100.6cm
Width: 10.6cm
Depth: 10.5cm
Weight: 3.8 kg

Bose L1 model 1S Cylindrical Radiator


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