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Booty Shakers Floortom

So you’re thinking, “What’s the big deal? It’s just foam…I could do that!” But what you may not know is that common foam will not enhance the low end and sustain of the drum like the specialized foam used in the Booty Shakers product line. TnR Products went through extensive research and development in creating the right formula of foam size, grade and density as well as design. From the patented “slotted receptacle” to the hard plastic stabilizer, Booty Shakers/Little Booty Shakers were designed to last and work right every time.

So what ARE they made of?
Both Booty Shakers and Little Booty Shakers are made from size and weight specific polyethylene foam. The polyethylene base of Booty Shakers does the decoupling job in conjunction with a polyethylene disc that distributes the point load of the floor tom leg over a 2 inch area. The disc prevents the point load of the floor tom leg from deforming or creating a divot in the base. This enhances the foam’s performance while increasing longevity. The patented shape of Little Booty Shakers, the adjustable hook and loop fastener straps, and the point of application between the drum and stand make them universal. They will work with any brand of snare stand.

The top layer of Booty Shakers are made of size and weight specific polyurethane foam, with our patented “slotted receptacle”. Its purpose is to hold on to the floor tom leg, so that it does not fall off and roll away while adjusting the placement of the drum. This is what makes Booty Shakers universal, and work with any manufacturers floor toms. The polyurethane top portion is the same foam many companies sell to studios for use as sound absorption, and typically at a premium price. Also studios use rubber (like rubber suspension feet) to gasket and float their rooms. Rubber is stiff and inhibits resonance and therefore is not the best medium to use for decoupling a drum.

Other points to consider:
1) They go on and come off in seconds with out any hassle.
2)They can be used on any brand of drum or hardware.
3) They are light, small, and portable.
4) They are durable, and long lasting. (You will most likely lose them long before you wear them out!)
5) They are inexpensive, like buying a couple sets of drum sticks… but again, will probably last longer.
6) Unlike “air suspension feet”, Booty Shakers will fit on any floor tom regardless of leg diameter or rubber foot size.
7) Unlike suspension or hoop mounts, Booty Shakers and Little Booty Shakers decouple the drum without adding any mass to the drum. Those type of products are expensive, require tools and time to apply to the drum (which means it is difficult to A/B and quickly hear the difference they make. Most of all they add several lbs of mass/weight to the drum which does not help the drum shell vibrate.
8) This is a product for gigs and rehearsals, not just the studio. Drummers have testified on our site that they love how Booty Shakers makes a “less than stellar” back-line kit come to life. Most importantly the Booty Shakers product line takes the floor and hardware out of the equation, because the drum is no longer inhibited by them. You will have a consistent performance from your drum regardless of the venue.

So are they just foam? Short answer: Yes. BUT not just any foam! Be confident in knowing that the Booty Shakers product line were designed and developed with working drummers in mind. They can be used in any playing situation. Best of all, they are universal and affordable!

Booty Shakers Floortom

Booty Shakers Floortom

Het geluid van mijn floortom is erop verbeterd.

Booty Shakers Floortom


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