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BluGuitar Fatcab

The BluGuitar FATCAB is the result of many years of trying to capture the sound-character of an old 4x12“ box in a compact 1x12“ format.

A big chunky bass with a quick response, a creamy mid-range and a soft silky treble on top, which stays smooth and doesn’t get annoying. The FATCAB sounds and feels like an old Mini 4x12“ box.

BluGuitar Fatcab

• Type: 1 x 12“ Closed Back
• Power: 60 Watt
• Impedance: 8 Ohm
• Speaker: 1 x 12“ special BluGuitar Fat
• Wood: Baltic Birch ply w/finger joint corners
• Tolex: Black Levant
• Grill Cloth: black Basket Weave
• Weight: 15 kg
• Dimensions: 42 x 55 x 30 cm
• Connectivity: 1 x Mono In, 1 x Parallel Out, 1x Serial Out
• Special Features: Thiele-Small design for best Bass-Response

BluGuitar Fatcab

BluGuitar Fatcab


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