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BluGuitar AMP1 Iridium Edition

The AMP1 is the solution for the modern guitarist. No more lugging heavy amps and yet the same dynamics and power of a tube amp, that is what this 100 Watt guitar amplifier with 4 channels weighs less than 2 kg is.

In addition to the groundbreaking AMP1 Mercury Edition, there is now also the AMP1 Iridium Edition, specially intended for the immense army of METAL guitarists, with a different gain structure, tight tone control and perfectly functioning noise gate. The NANO tube provides the indispensable dynamics in the final stage of this analog (so no modeling!) Amplifier.

BluGuitar AMP1 Iridium Edition

High Plate Voltage NANOTUBE
All analog signal path
Dynamic 100W tube power
4 channels
Parallel/serial FX loop
Programmable with REMOTE1 / MIDI1
Further footswitch options

BluGuitar AMP1 Iridium Edition


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