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Blackstar Silverline 212

The stunning Silverline 212 speaker cabinet is perfectly matched to the Silverline Series, loaded with two 12" Celestion V-Type Speakers.

Genuine Celestion Speakers
Silverline is the new standard in digital guitar amplification. To enforce this, Blackstar fitted each of the amps with the standard in guitar speakers, Celestion V-Types. With their balanced sound and singing mids, they are the perfect choice for delivering Silverline's wide breadth of tone.

Blackstar Silverline 212

• 2x 12" Celestion V-Type speakers
• 4 Ohm Mono, 16 Ohm Mono and 8 Ohm Stereo
• 140 Watts

Blackstar Silverline 212

Blackstar Silverline 212


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