Behringer Ultra-Dyne DSP 9024

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Behringer Ultra-Dyne DSP 9024 digital converter
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Behringer Ultra-Dyne DSP 9024

Everyone knows the DSP9024 by now,. According to some, a monster to set up and conjure up a decent sound. But experimenting a lot and not sleeping at night can sometimes lead to good results.

An important tip: use firmware v1.2 instead of v1.3
Version 1.2 has better sound quality in my personal opinion.

If you want to use the Ultramizer function (eg ultramizer threshold at +24 dB), make sure that you do not send in louder than -24 dB from your mixing console. You can see this on your DSP9024 by clicking "METER" and then "SINGLE". Of course look at "IN". You will notice that it will suddenly sound much better.

And of course you can choose how the device will sound. From experience I can report that at high output and low threshold in the first 2 bands, no high ratios are used, otherwise it starts pumping clearly. A 2.7: 1 ratio sounds much better.

Release times are also very important. Too short release times can also result in more pumps, so a little experimentation is also necessary here.

Maybe you can use the following settings as a basis. UPDATE: Settings changed on December 3, 2007.
EXTRA UPDATE: Experimental 2-band preset (see below)

Sample can be downloaded here. Music comes from WAV (converted from CD audio to WAV) and is also saved in WAV for best display of settings (download is +/- 16MB).
Band 5 serves to de-essen the voices a bit better.

Behringer Ultra-Dyne DSP 9024

• Ingain: +0 dB
• Tube Type: 12AX7
• Tube Proc.: 0
• Exciter Proc.: 0
• Odd/Even: 19:1
• Bandlink: OFF
• Ultram. Proc.: 100
• Ultram. Thr: 24 dB
• Peak Limit: OFF
• Lim. Rel.: 0.50 s

Behringer Ultra-Dyne DSP 9024

Behringer Ultra-Dyne DSP 9024


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