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Auralex B224C ProPanel, clouds

A ProPanel™ ProCloud™ Hardware kit utilizes 2? x 2' x 4' ProPanels™ in a frame-less design. The simple and elegant ProCloud™ system is configurable in three popular sizes; 4’x4’, 4’x6’ & 4’x8’. Consider the addition of our ProPanel™ ProKits™ to complete the look and performance of your ProCloud™ System.


High Performance ProPanel Absorption with an Added Air Space
Available in 3 Size Configurations
ProPanel ProCloud 44 Hardware – 4’ x 4’
ProPanel ProCloud 46 Hardware – 4’ x 6’
ProPanel ProCloud 48 Hardware – 4’ x 8’
Clean, Frame-less Design
Constructed from B224 ProPanel™

Auralex B224C ProPanel, clouds

Auralex B224C ProPanel, clouds


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