ATV EXS-3 electronic drum set
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Experience Series EXS-3, 5-piece electronic drumkit

A Superior Playing Experience

EXS Series Drum Sets Provide A Superior Playing Experience That'S Tailor-Made For Beginners And Advanced Players Alike. If You Need A Great Sounding Drum Set, The EXS Series Drums Are For You.

All EXS Series Drum Sets Combine The Realistic Drum sounds of the xD3 module, with high-quality drum and cymbal pads, specifically designed to capture the subtle nuances of your playing.

With the EXS series, two high-end drum set configurations are available, the EXS-5 and the EXS-3.
The EXS-5 closely matches the conventional configuration and sizes of a typical acoustic drum set and cymbals. The EXS-3 is more a compact model that has a smaller spatial footprint than the EXS-5. This model features 10" mesh drum pads, 12" hi-hats, a 12 crash, and a 14" ride.

The EXS-3 is a more compact model that features all the essential drums and cymbals that you need to play expressively in any situation. This space-saving set is ideal for beginners and those players who need a high-quality




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