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Ask Video DVD Logic 8 Pro Training LEVEL 3

Take your Logic knowledge up a notch with the Logic Pro 8 series from ASK Video. Learn advanced Logic Pro features one of ASK Video's Apple experts in this comprehensive, informative and professional tutorial. In Level 3 of this 4 part series we're going to continue looking at Logic's advanced feature set. This DAW is incredibly powerful and has so much to offer the user. Mike Baggley will help you unlock that power in this DVD. You'll learn everything from the Hyper Editor to time stretching. Apple Logic Pro 8 makes it easier than ever to translate your ideas into music. This DVD is perfect for Logic users that are comfortable with the basic features and are ready to dig into some advanced features.

Ask Video DVD Logic 8 Pro Training LEVEL 3

• 30 Videos
• Over 3.5 hours of instructional video
• Extremely high quality tutorial videos
• Easy to use interface
• Great for users of Logic Pro or Logic Express
• Mac OSX
• Requires computer with DVD-Rom Drive

Ask Video DVD Logic 8 Pro Training LEVEL 3


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