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Argentine 1510MF Light Loop End

For more than 60 years, ARGENTINE strings have accompanied the music of prestigious guitarists, from Django REINHARDT to Raphaël FAYS, Boulou FERRE, Pierre LACOMBE, ROMANE, Patrick SAUSSOIS and many others...

Their acoustic qualities have enabled them to withstand crises and trends and to respond, without ever having been equalled, to the aspirations of musicians concerned with restoring their authentic sound.

Wanted by a large number of musicians and luthiers throughout the world, they are the only strings that have perfectly adapted to the legendary SELMER-MACCAFERRI guitars, produced today by talented luthiers who have kept their spirit and thus ensure their durability.

They are the only ones to reproduce the authentic sounds of gypsy jazz guitars.

Argentine 1510MF Light Loop End

Argentine 1510MF Light Loop End

Argentine 1510MF Light Loop End


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