Aquarian AQVTCK20 bass drum head
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Aquarian AQVTCK20

The American Vintage Thin model is a vintage coated, 7mil single-ply drumhead that can work either as a batter or resonant head. The American Vintage Series Drumhead has a slightly larger hoop diameter to allow for a more relaxed fit on those hard-to-fit drum shells. The thinner 7mil head enhances slightly higher frequencies.

Initially designed for older American drum shells that needed slightly larger heads, American Vintage can work for drums with fit problems due to thicker coverings, scarf joints, or out of round age issues.

This specialty line of drumheads features a unique vintage coating that is slightly thicker and has a look, a feel, and the warm sound of a calfskin head. The thin-weight is an all-purpose drumhead designed for lighter playing or as a hi-frequency resonant head.

Aquarian AQVTCK20

•7 mil thickness brings out slightly higher frequencies
•Made for hard-to-fit classic shells
•Oversized Hoops for a relaxed fit
•Vintage Coating for warmth
•20 Inch

Aquarian AQVTCK20


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