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Apart Audio PCR3000R MKIII

The Apart PCR3000RMKIII is a professional multisource CD/USB/SD-card music player with integrated FM RDS and DAB+ tuner. In addition the unit now also has an internal Bluetooth receiver which can be connected to any music source, smartphone or computer equipped with a Bluetooth connection. Furthermore PCR3000RMKIII is equipped with multiple independent analog outputs, coaxial and optical digital output for the CD/USB/SD player and a RS232-port for use with integrated control systems.

There is a USB and SD-card slot on the front and another USB-input on the back of the unit (to avoid people from taking the memory stick out). The unit has an operation mode switch at the back to choose between Auto Play and Cue. When the PCR3000RMKIII is in Auto Play mode, the unit will always start playing automatically when it’s powered on. In Cue mode the unit will always wait for a play command after power is restored or another track is selected.

The analog output gain level can be adjusted at the back in order to match the output level of other audio sources. Additionally there is a combined output available. This output will play the music from the CD/USB/SD player by default. When there is no media playing from the CD/USB/SD player, the output will automatically switch to the tuner (FM or DAB+) output after a few seconds, provided that the tuner is not in standby mode.

The PCR3000RMKIII can be controlled by the front panel controls, the included infrared remote or RS232-commands.

Apart Audio PCR3000R MKIII

19" (483 mm wide) rack mounting: yes
Height- rack units (1U=44 mm): 1 U
Depth (build in): 305 mm
Depth (incl front): 315 mm
Power supply: 230 VAC
FM tuner: yes
DAB Tuner / DAB +: yes
CD: yes
USB: 32 GB up to 9999 songs
SD card: 32 GB up to 9999 songs
Supported file format: MP3, WMA
Bluetooth: yes
Supported bluetooth profiles: A2DP, AVRCP and SPP
Unbalanced outputs: 2 x RCA + COMBI RCA
Other/digital outputs: 1 x optical + 1 x coaxial
IR remote included: yes
RS232 control: yes
Applicable in 100V: yes
Applicable low impedance: yes
Net weight product (kg): 4,60

Apart Audio PCR3000R MKIII


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