Amptweaker Bluesfuzz JR fuzz pedal
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Amptweaker Bluesfuzz JR

This is a machine-generated translation of a software: BluesFuzz Jr fuzz pedal uses a low-gain, gain amplifier, EQ medium and high-impact switch. With the popularity of JR Amptweaker's small footprint series, we have added bass and guitar versions of our Fuzz pedals ... introducing BluesFuzz JR ™. These pedals share most of the tuning features available on their larger counterparts, while eliminating the effects loops, light controls, battery switches and amplification features that some players don't need to reduce size and weight. BluesFuzz Jr is based on BluesFuzz Limited, a special 49-piece model we rebuilt in 2014, to commemorate our 5th anniversary. Derived from the Pro series, the Tight control and Fat switches have been reconfigured into a 3-position Fat / Normal / Tight switch to form in attacking notes from thick and hard to aggressive and weird. Since this model uses a low-gain German transistor, an input pulse is included to give thicker fuzz tones. And to help shape all the midrange frequencies, there is a half control that matches the original BluesFuzz tone when set in the middle. The popular auto-adjustable Fuzz control keeps the sweet look handy and is especially enjoyable for cleaner tones. All Amptweaker pedals have a built-in "guitar" impedance, which allows you to put any pedals in front without the traditional problems associated with vintage fuzz pedals. This means that it works well with the low impedance active guitar. Other features include true bypass switching, 9-18VDC operation and a removable bottom plate with special holes, with special holes to fit the bandage attachment methods or by pedal screwing.

Amptweaker Bluesfuzz JR

Amptweaker Bluesfuzz JR


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