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Alto Stealth Wireless

This self-contained kit can quickly add wireless connectivity to any installed or temporary sound system—with no compromise in fidelity—replacing or eliminating the need for console-to-system cable runs of up to 200 feet. The Alto Professional Stealth Wireless system provides a convenient way to carry a stereo audio signal from the main mixing and listening location to the business end of the sound system. Compatible with almost any active loudspeakers—old and new—this system can be used to simplify a new installation or to retrofit an existing installed sound system.

“Alto Professional has solved the issue of toilsome cable runs with an all-in-one wireless kit that preserves the quality of the audio signal,” according to Alto Professional Product Manager Paul Gallo.

In addition, the Stealth Wireless system can greatly speed the set-up of a travelling or temporary sound system by eliminating the need for lengthy and unsightly cable runs that may otherwise interfere with the dance floor, patrons, or staff of the venue.

The Stealth Wireless system contains one dual-channel transmitter and two singlechannel receivers. The system can be set for mono or stereo use. Two XLR + balanced TRS 1/4" combo inputs on the transmitter accommodate the main outputs from nearly any mixing board or console. Each of the receiving units has a single XLR output to send the signal to a powered speaker array or a traditional amplifier-and-speaker combo.

The Stealth Wireless system operates in the reliable UHF band and can be set to any of 16 preset channels for interference-free operation. Internal squelch and mute circuits eliminate unwanted noise. The transmitter offers trim controls for each channel to ensure the sound quality is unaffected, as well as signal/clip indicator lights. A mono/stereo mode switch is also provided. Setting the mode to stereo will preconfigure the two receivers for left and right operation. A channel select knob and a series of indicator LEDs are present on each of the receiving units. Each of the three modules (transmitter + two receivers) is provided with an AC power adapter.

Alto Stealth Wireless

Add wireless audio connectivity to any active loudspeaker
Replaces up to 200' of console-to-system cabling
No compromise in audio quality
Reliable UHF band; 16 selectable channels
Adjustable squelch eliminates interference
Dual-channel transmitter: two XLR + 1/4" combo inputs
Single-channel receivers: (x2): XLR output

Alto Stealth Wireless

Alto Stealth Wireless


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