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Cardioid instrument microphone with miniature mounting bracket. High mechanical-noise attenuation. Including wireless direct adapter for easy use with AKG pocket transmitters. Detachable microphone cable. Ideal for miking up accordions and guitar, piano, keyboard, or organ amplifiers. Lightweight cardioid miniature microphone for use on accordions, guitar speakers, piano and keyboard/organ cabinets. The included screws and double-sided, solvent-free adhesive pads make it easy to install the microphone on your instrument or amp exactly where you need it. Using two C 516 MLs (one on the bass and one on the treble side) and an optional B 29 L battery power supply is an ideal way to mic up an accordion. The C 516 ML is the only version available and can be used with the B 29 L battery power supply, AKG WMS Series bodypack transmitters, or the MPA V L adapter for external phantom powering. The unique adapter plate A 400 allows easy attachment of the AKG pocket transmitters. Standard accessories: 2 double-sided adhesive rubber plates, 3 countersunk bolts (3 x 30 mm), 3 self-tapping screws (2.9 x 13 mm), A 400 Adapter, Adhesive compound, H516 Mount plate, Protective bag, W44 Windscreen.




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