Akai APC40 mkII

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Akai APC40 mkII

Akai Pro’s flagship Ableton Live controller, the new APC40 mkII, incorporates five years of user feedback into its design for extended functionality, countless musical capabilities, and improved workflow. The APC40 mkII features a 5x8 RGB LED clip-launching matrix, assignable A/B crossfader, 8 rotary knobs, 8 channel faders, and a send button for quick access to send busses. Included with the APC40 mkII is a suite of software, samples, and loops for out-of-thebox electronic music production: Toolroom artist launch packs, Prime Loops sample packs, Hybrid 3 by AIR Music Technology, and SONiVOX Twist give users endless music production possibilities with hand-selected samples & loops and high-definition virtual synthesizers. The APC40 mkII is USB-powered and supports plug-and-play.

Akai APC40 mkII

• Provides hands-on control of Ableton Live with visual feedback
• Seamlessly integrates 1 to 1 with Ableton Live
• 5x8 clip-launch matrix with RGB feedback for clip status, color coding, and more
• 8 channel faders, 1 master fader, and 8 device controls map to Ableton directly
• Send button cycles through all 8 send busses for advanced routing options
• USB-powered and plug-and-play setup for maximum portability
• A/B crossfader can be assigned on the fly for dynamic mixing
• Revised knob layout with in-line controls for smarter workflow
• Includes Ableton Live Lite, Hybrid 3 by AIR Music Tech, SONiVOX Twist, Prime Loops & Toolroom Records launch packs (downloads)

Akai APC40 mkII

(Alleen anonieme feedback graag- ANON)

Akai staat altijd garant voor kwaliteit, daarom kun je je ook niet zo snel een buil vallen met dit soort gear. De faders hebben een stevig gevoel en de mapping is heel intuitief. Met ableton is het praktisch plug&play.
Waarschuwing: verslavend

Deze controller is na inpluggen meteen bruikbaar in Ableton, geen drivers nodig (Windows). De interface is intuïtief en simpel waardoor dit product makkelijk is in gebruik.
Heel leuk om mee te experimenteren, en ideaal voor beginners. Bijgeleverde software is de moeite waard.

Akai APC40 mkII


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