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Admira Juanita 3/4

The Admira Juanita 3/4 is the ideal instrument for the younger beginners that want to start playing guitar. The Admira Juanita 3/4 is a proper Spanish guitar made of good materials, despite the low price, nice craftmanship and a very good sound for its price. Unlike the action in other guitars, the action in this guitar is perfect for beginners and will not frustrate the progress of the young student. The Admira Juanita 3/4 classical guitar is 90cm long and incorporates an Oregon pine top, sapelly back and sides, African Mahogany neck, Kabukalli fingerboard and bridge and nickle plate machine heads.

Admira Juanita 3/4

Scale: 580 mm
Top: Cedar
Sides and Back: Sapelly
Neck: Mahogany
Fingerboard: Kabukalli
Bridge: Kabukalli
Machine Head: Nickeled
High-gloss finish

Admira Juanita 3/4


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