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Ableton Live 9 Standard Upgrade From Intro

Record automation into clips. Edit automation with curves. Session View automation lets you capture your performance or add movement to your loops. Use curves to make automation more musical.

Live’s unique Session View makes it easy to improvise with musical ideas. In Live 9, you can now record parameter changes directly into Session View for even more flexibility. Edit automation curves with the mouse to create smooth mix transitions or radical parameter changes in your clips.

In one click, create new Session View scenes from your Arrangement tracks, or drag and copy individual clips from Arrangement to Session. The automation comes with them, making it easier than ever to move from improvising to arranging and back.

Live 9 Standard has the full features plus some extras. 3 Instruments, 37 effects, 1100+ sounds (11GB). Language: English. This is an upgrade for users that already use Ableton Live Intro.

Ableton Live 9 Standard Upgrade From Intro

Ableton Live 9 Standard Upgrade From Intro

Ableton Live 9 Standard Upgrade From Intro


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