Looking for an affordable pair of headphones? KEYMUSIC offers the best brands and the best prices. Choose between DJ headphones, hifi headphones or studio headphones. DJ headphones have a closed back, are easy to transport and often have rotating ear components. Studio headphones are the best sounding headphones available without coloring or altering the audio signal. Hifi headphones are perfect for music, games, and multimedia. In-ear headphones are the smallest headphones available and perfect for commuters. For drummers we offer designated drum headphones. 

Headphones for drums

A good digital drum set requires a good pair of headphones. There are a few requirements for good drum headphones:

  • Isolation from the environment, so you can keep your volume low and you don't hear the sound of your drum sticks
  • A good audio quality so you can play along with your favorite tracks
  • Comfortable ear pads so the headphones will stay in place while drumming

The following headphones meet these requirements. Thanks to the good isolation and the closed back you can keep your volume low. The headphones are placed over the ears instead of on the ears, for even more isolation and comfort. 

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