Gibson SG Guitars

Raw and Pure. The iconic SG 'Solid Guitar' is timeless.

When the original Les Paul evolved to the Les Paul/SG Standard in 1961, this change embodied Les Paul's vision for a sleek, powerful solidbody electric guitar. The single-cut standard made its comeback a few years later, but the distinctive double cutaway guitar - now simply known as the SG - claimed a permanent spot in the Gibson lineup. It became a major rock and blues icon. Today's SG guitars all feature the sound, feel and appearance of the original version of this legendary guitar.

If you are looking for affordable quality, choose the elementary Gibson SG or the SG guitars from Epiphone. The Gibson guitars - including the SG Tribute - are hand-made ​​by craftsmen in America. These instruments feature straightforward and stripped down designs, and therefore they are very affordable.

You can also choose one of Epiphone SG's. Epiphone's usualy come with lower prices, but are even beautifully finished. For small purses Epiphone also offers affordable entry-level models and and SG guitar packs.


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