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Ultimate GS10S Pro

Genesis Series Adjustable Professional Guitar Hanger with Self-closing Security Gates for Slatwall. The GS-10 Pro from Ultimate Support is the perfect guitar hanger for the office, dorm, studio, and music store! Accounting for all body styles, the GS-10 Pro is depth adjustable. What's more, the neck is fully angle adjustable in a 180 degree pattern, so you can set your guitar(s) exactly how you want them. And, when you're mounting to slatwall (3-inch and 4-inch), the GS-10 Pro has you covered; included in the box are the adapter plates! Finally, the GS-10 Pro features self-closing security gates and an innovative headstock well design that ensures your guitar's headstock won't fall out.

GS-10 Pro Features
• Depth- and angle-adjustable
• 3" and 4" slatwall adapter also included!
• Patent-pending design includes self-closing security gates and innovative headstock well.

Ultimate GS10S Pro

Part Name: GS-10 Pro
Part Number: 17601
Wall-to-Headstock Depth: 7.75"-10.5"
Adjustable Angle: Sweepable 180 Degrees
Weight: 1 lbs.

Ultimate GS10S Pro

Ultimate GS10S Pro


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