UDG U92065SL XDJ-RR Flightcase Silver Plus

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UDG U92065SL XDJ-RR Flightcase Silver Plus

UDG have further fined-tuned already a great design concept of our flight case into one specially for the most discerning DJ/producer. Constructed from solid 9mm thick plywood, the outside is laminated in a black finished honeycomb/hexagonal “Stage Grip” pattern. The inner sides are protected with high density diamond embossed EVA foam protective padding. This extremely robust padding protects the equipment against scratches, dust or other damages, creating a unique stylish & practical finish.

Extra wide silver finished aluminum profile & massive UDG logo embossed ball corners are incorporated to ensures longevity & maintaining a permanently attractive, professional design. In addition, in the UDG Ultimate Flight Case Pioneer XDJ-RR Silver Plus (Laptop Shelf), there is an extra notebook shelf included for your notebook, mouse and/or any other devices such as effect processor and interfaces. This flight case also features heavy duty spring loaded handles for a secured lift & load.

UDG Ultimate Flight Case Pioneer XDJ-RR Silver Plus (Laptop Shelf) not only transport your complete set up easily & securely, but also facilitates devices to be setup within minutes. With these premium features incoporated, the UDG Ultimate Flight cases provide premium professional quality in a very stylish modern black/silver colored combination.

UDG U92065SL XDJ-RR Flightcase Silver Plus

Color: Black/Silver
Weight: 17,00 kg / 37.4 lbs
Outer Dimensions (W x H x D): 70.2 x 52.4 x 24.3 cm | 27.6 x 20.6 x 9.6 inch
Inner Dimensions (W x H x D): 60.6 x 39 x 7.6 cm | 23.8 x 15.3 x 2.9 inch
Material: Heavy duty construction of 9 mm thick plywood

Improved powder coated and anodized hardware
High density diamond embossed EVA foam & carpeted protective padding
Dual anchor rivets with included washer
Extra-wide silver solid aluminum profiles
Secure stacking due to stackable ball corner

Convenient 80 mm space at rear for connections & PSU storage
Cable access hole with removable UDG emblem cover
Removable front access panel
Adjustable laptop shelf

Fits: 1 x Pioneer XDJ-RR + 1 x Laptop + Accessories

UDG U92065SL XDJ-RR Flightcase Silver Plus


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