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TW-Audio M-12 Left

The M12 is our all-purpose sound equipment! Not only does it look good on a tripod but it is also recommended for its high efficiency in the midrange as well as for its superb, high-performance vocal monitor. The asymmetrical designs, with left and right enclosures, make it even more professional: two pieces arranged at a 45° V angle put the vocals right “in your face”!
Combined with B30, as PA-SYS-TWO, it makes the M12 extremely attractive for small and average-sized venues, despite discreet space requirement an amazing performance.

Like all the M series speakers the M12 also has a crossover network with adjusted group delay and frequencies for optimum speech intelligibility and neutral music reproduction with extreme dynamic range. Even at high sound pressures. Another thing to mention: the M12, like the M15 and T24, is equipped as standard with air cargo rigging tracks over which optional flying brackets can also be fitted without using any tools. Simply click into place. Cleverly placed handles make them easier to carry in any situation. Weighting just 20.5 kg this box is simply a lot of fun!

TW-Audio M-12 Left

• Drivers: 1 x 12" LF / 1 x 1,4" HF
• Frequency range: 60 - 19000 Hz
• Power capacity programm / peak: 700 / 1400 W
• Impedance: 8 Ohm
• Coverage range (h x v): 75° x 50° HF-horn, rotable
• Sensitivity 1 W / 1 m: 101 dB
• SPLmax / 1 m / peak: 133 dB
• Connectors: 2 Speakon NL4
• Dimensions (h x w x d): 604 x 360 x 314 mm
• Weight: 20,5 kg
• Finish: Warnex structure paint
• Accessoires: SBM12, CoverM12, CaseM12
• Options: left and right enclosures, RAL colours

TW-Audio M-12 Left


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