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Tama HPDS1TW Dyna-Sync Double Pedal

At TAMA, our tireless product team has immersed their activity in direct drive bass drum pedals. Direct drive pedals provide a unique benefit - immediate energy conversion and accelerated beater movement. However, our product team realized the opportunity to design a direct drive pedal with perfect balance and alignment of three critical performance elements: Power–Speed–Feel.

We identified three critical design components: The direct drive linkage, the drive cam, and the drive/footboard connection angle. We worked closely with a stylistically diverse group of TAMA artists to further our understanding of what high-level players want and need from a direct drive pedal. The back-and-forth product team/artist dialog allowed us to master subtle mechanical relationships and angle alignments. This ultimately revealed a design method to overcome feel and power challenges we feel are inherent to some other direct drive pedals. We named this mechanical design the Dynamic Synchronization System.

TAMA's Dyna-Sync pedal defines a new power-speed-feel balance in a direct drive pedal and shatters direct drive pedal assumptions. We are thrilled to offer drummers of all styles and abilities the opportunity to utilize the wide range of pedal adjustments to discover a differentiated direct drive feel.


This prestigious pedal comes in a sturdy case.

Tama HPDS1TW Dyna-Sync Double Pedal

• Optimized Transmission Design
• Dual Linkage
• Slidable Cam
• Footboard Angle Adjustment
• Sync-Coil
• Dyna Beater
• Hinge Guard Block
• Swivel Spring Tight
• Speedo-Ring
• Para-Clamp II Pro
• Oiles Bearing Hinge

Tama HPDS1TW Dyna-Sync Double Pedal


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