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Tama HP200PTW Iron Cobra Twin Pedal

The Iron Cobra 200 series was developed with the same design concepts as the Iron Cobra 900 series, and offers high performance at an affordable price. The Power Glide cam shape provides a smooth, light feel without sacrificing power or speed. And both the HP200P and HP200PTW can be fitted with TAMA's Cobra Coil for an even faster footboard return.

Power Glide Cam
The Iron Cobra 200 series drum pedals' single chain pedals utilize the same offset cam shape as TAMA's best selling Iron Cobra 900 series Power Glide.

Beater Angle Adjustment
You won't find adjustable beater/footboard angles on most pedals in this price range. But our HP200P comes standard with an angle adjustment system linked to the footboard angle.

Spring Tension Adjustment
Inspired by Iron Cobra 900 series drum pedals' "Spring Tight" feature, this specially shaped nut prevents the spring unit from loosening.

Spring Tight
Twisting springs severely reduce pedal smoothness. Spring Tight, a clever half-moon shaped spring tension rod, keeps the spring from twisting so there's never any loss of power transmission.

Tama HP200PTW Iron Cobra Twin Pedal

• Power Glide
• Spring Tension Adjustment
• Beater Angle Adjustment
• Dual Sided Beater

Tama HP200PTW Iron Cobra Twin Pedal

Loopt als Eem trein
Stevig en makkelijk te installeren. Positioneren en verstellen van het 2e pedaal gaat makkelijk en snel.
De kloppers hebben een kant van kunststof en een kant van vilt, voor mijn edrum set was de kunststof kant een musthave.
De spanning van de pedalen is eenvoudig aan te passen.

Top product!

Tama HP200PTW Iron Cobra Twin Pedal


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