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T-Rex Tone Trunk 68

Armed with an arsenal of T-Rex tone, all you need now is the perfect board to make sure your pedals are just where you need them night after night.
The ToneTrunk does just that – and more.
It’s a perfectly designed pedal board holds your pedals and comes with a padded GigBag, ensuring that your pedals are in place when you're on stage – and safely stored away when you're not.
The pedals attach to the board with included Velcro strips, and there's lot's of room for a power supply. A shoulder strap also comes with every GigBag.

T-Rex Tone Trunk 68

Lots of space for extension and patch cables
Pedal board already covered with T-Rex Tone Attach hoop-and-loop fastener
- ready to mount your pedals
Slanted pedal board for easier foot-clicks
Light aluminium pedal board construction
Accommodates a FuelTank power supply
Padded bag with shoulder strap
Grounded on solid rubber feet

Holds 9 T-Rex pedals and the FuelTank

T-Rex Tone Trunk 68


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