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Studiologic SL73 STUDIO

The SL73 STUDIO offers the same innovative technology of the sophisticated Hammer Action TP/100 with 3 contacts per key and Aftertouch, just in a smaller size. Thanks to this keyset, the SL73 STUDIO is very portable, yet it provides the incredibly versatile touch and playability of the renowned SL line. As all the other SL Controllers, the SL73 STUDIO is very easy to operate, thanks to the large color display, the main Encoder with navigation controls plus built in click and it’s a perfect solution for stage and studio setups. To get the best out of this product, the SL Editor is downloadable from our official website and it allows to edit all available SL parameters with a very intuitive and interactive user interface. When the SL73 STUDIO is connected to the computer (via USB) and the SL Editor is open, the communication is set in real time and all editing are transmitted to the unit directly, with no need of any offline action.

Studiologic SL73 STUDIO

• Hammer Action keyboard
• 3 contacts per key with note-on and note-off velocity + Aftertouch
• Innovative 6-way control knob (4 directions switches + 1 rotating encoder + 1 push button)
• 3 function buttons
• 4 programmable zones
• 4 programmable pedals connections
• 3 programmable sticks controllers
• TFT Color graphic display (320x240) with intuitive navigation
• Editing and programming software for computers
• User programmable key balance and 6 editable velocity curves
• Magnetic rail system to adapt a music rack or a plate for laptops and tablets

Studiologic SL73 STUDIO


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