Stagg GA 60R combo guitare à transistor
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Stagg GA 60R

The Stagg 60 GA R EU is a guitar amplifier with 2 channels. The channels of the amplifier have a separate volume control but they share the equalizer.

Stagg GA 60R

• 1 x 12 "speaker
• Metal grille
• High impedance instrument input
• 2 channels (clean / overdrive) with independent volume control, selectable from the front panel or with footswitch (not included)
• Master volume control
• Effect loop (send / return)
• Gain control on the lead channel
• 3-band EQ (Bass / Middle / Treble)
• Headphone output
Stereo mini jack input for CD / MP3 player
• Dimensions (HxWxD): 47 x 50 x 26 cm
• Weight; 17.3 kg

Stagg GA 60R


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