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Showtec PAR 20 WARM-ON-DIM

The Par series with Warm-On-Dim technology offer a wide range of classic parcans equipped with the latest LED Technology. The Warm-on-Dim technology mimics the dimming curves of traditional tungsten fixture by having a 3000K colour temperature at 100% output and a 1800K colour temperature once dimmed down to 5%. Furthermore the advanced LED technology offers a high CRI which is over 95. Also due to the use of LED there is no radiation of UV which makes this series safe to use in e.g. clothing shops and galleries.

-Warm on Dim technology
-Triac Dimming
-High CRI
-No UV

Showtec PAR 20 WARM-ON-DIM

Showtec PAR 20 WARM-ON-DIM


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